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Remote Island

Devotion: The Role of Suffering

READ: Romans 5:1-11

Verse 6.  Who did Christ die for and When did He do it?
Why is this significant to you? 

Verse 1.  How are you justified and what does this mean?
What should the result be?

Verse 3-5.  What should we do in our sufferings?

That’s not normal.  We can only rejoice in our sufferings if we stop looking solely at the source of our suffering or the pain we are enduring.  We must look at God’s bigger picture for our lives.  In these verses Paul gives us a  snapshot of what that looks like. 

So, ultimately SUFFERING leads to a life filled with HOPE that is absent from SHAME.  Who wouldn’t absolutely rejoice in an outcome like that?   

Have you ever stopped to consider that some of the suffering you go through in life is actually a result of “God’s love” being “poured out into your heart through the Holy Spirit who has been given to you”?  When you focus on the pain that comes from suffering the outcome is anger, bitterness and frustration.  But, when you focus on God’s gift of His Holy Spirit who desires to lavish God’s Love upon you, filling your life with HOPE and removing all of your SHAME, the outcome is REJOICING.  

TAKE A MINUTE TO:  Read, pray and offer praise for verses 10-11. 

In your natural state, the problems and sin in your life lead to shame, frustration and weakness.  This is the state you were in when Jesus died for you. When you placed your faith in Him, he justified you and His Holy Spirit is working a plan to turn pain and frustration into HOPE and REJOICING.  There is no doubt you left several painful problems at home when you flew to Cat Island.  Instead of focusing on the pain, take time and pray throughout the week to ask God how He plans to produce ENDURANCE, CHARACTER and HOPE in your life by the work of His Holy Spirit.  He can do it.  

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